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Asymmetric siRNA

Asymmetric siRNA (asiRNA) is a unique gene silencing technology developed by OliX based on RNA interference (RNAi) which is by far the most efficient gene regulation technology.

Because of the unprecedented potential for curing various diseases (including genetic disorders, cancer, and viral infection), gene silencing technology via RNAi has been drawing great international attention in academia as well as across the global pharmaceutical industry.

However, several studies have reported that the small interfering RNA (siRNA) currently used for RNAi drug development could trigger various side effects, including off-target gene silencing, immune stimulation, and saturation of the endogenous RNAi machinery. Some of these side effects have resulted in delay or even termination of RNAi therapeutic programs.

asiRNA not only shows comparable gene silencing compared with conventional siRNA, but also significantly reduces siRNA-mediated side effects, such as off-target gene silencing and immune stimulation. Because safe and specific gene silencing can be achieved by asiRNA, we believe that asiRNA is the next generation RNAi trigger for therapeutic development.


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“Novel siRNA Structure for Minimizing Off-target Effects and Relaxing Saturation of RNAi Machinery and the Use Thereof”
Issued in Korea, Europe, Japan, Australia and China

“Nucleic acid molecule which induces RNA interference and its use”
Issued in Korea, Japan, USA, Europe and China
Under review in Europe, China and Canada