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Work Environment

Encouraging Innovative and Self-driven

OliX has been challenging and innovating to become the best.

Since the Company creates a self-driven and creative research environment, OliXers are not afraid of failure and can advance with their research even when faced with challenges. OliX shapes and helps you to grow as a prepared talent.

Environment where
You can Focus on
your Work

OliX strives to provide the best work environment possible so that OliXers can concentrate on their work and show their potential.

OliXers can relax and refresh anytime in the resting room or cafeteria. OliX is also running an in-house gym with regular PT/pilates classes.

Systematic Work
Process and Efficient

OliX is constantly upgrading the internal work process through regular system reform and development.

OliXers communicate and collaborate smoothly with each other. From newcomers to top decision-makers, all participate in discussions to make rational decisions. 

Supporting Work-life Balance and Self-development

OliX encourages a healthy work-life balance for everyone.

OliX believes that the growth of OliXers leads to the growth of the Company. There are various opportunities, including a tuition reimbursement program.