OliX Pharmaceuticals is the leading RNAi therapeutics company.
Our mission is to make a positive impact on the health and happiness of mankind as we constantly endeavor to become a leader in the global biotechnology industry. Our labs and offices in Cambridge (MA) and San Diego (CA) are established to solidify and innovate our proprietary RNA interference (RNAi) technology.

OliX US [Cambridge, MA]

Our Cambridge office drives program development from the preclinical stage through commercialization.
  • Preclinical development & pharmacology

  • CMC

  • Clinical

  • Regulatory/QA

  • Business / Corporate Development


Employees at OliX US are working under a vibrant and harmonious environment.

We actively seek new members who share our vision and
have a passion for developing innovative RNAi-based therapeutics.

If you have the drive and desire, join our team and grow with us.

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For all other Human Resources inquiries : hr.us@olixpharma.com


For general inquiries, email us:
1 Broadway 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
TEL: (617) 514-7167
   FAX: (617) 225-4398

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If you have more inquiries for additional information, email us:
1 Boardway 14th Floor Cambridge,
MA 02142